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The sixth International Colloquium on Dialogical Practice and Dialogical Philosophizing will be at St. Catharine´s College, Cambridge, 6th-10th August, 2018, under the title: “Limits – Borders – Boundaries: Philosophical, political and social aspects”.

For details on the event, please contact Dr. Dieter Krohn:

International Colloquium on Dialogical Practice and Dialogical Philosophizing 2017: 11th August – 15th August

The fifth International Socratic Colloquium took place in Berlin. The topic of the Colloquium was “The Logic of Question and Answer” and it included various workshops the results from which were later used to formulate topics for Socratic Dialogues. The latter were especially challenging since they required the facilitators to plan on the spot. At the same time, however, the Socratic Dialogues prompted active participation and lead to fruitful insights and reflections.

International Colloquia on Dialogical Practice and Dialogical Philosophizing in Sofia, Bulgaria 2015 and Rovereto, Italy 2016

The idea behind the international symposiums is to discuss and theorise upon the experience with dialogical philosophising within the neosocratic tradition, and other dialogical approaches as well. The format of these events is flexible, including different types of group and individual work. In Sofia, statements were given by speakers and discussed in group sessions, and short SDs were conducted and thoroughly reflected upon. In Italy the format was a bit different – no individual statements were given, except an introductory speech by Dr. Paolo Dordoni upon the main topic – interpretation. This was followed by a number of different activities, including discussion, working with texts, tackling a casus, Socratic Dialogues, and a group session on the main topic. Remarkably, this allowed the multitude of theoretical angles to converge, bringing about a cohesion between the participants in the colloquium.

Photos from the colloquium in Sofia:

Grete Hermann Workshop 2012

Grete Henry-Hermann (1901-1984) was a brilliant critical philosopher and philosopher of science, who collaborated in Nelson’s scholarly work, was active in resistance activity in Nazi Germany, and later as a refugee in Britain. She took part actively in post war German democratic politics, teacher training, and chairing Nelson’s Academy. Though less well known as a mathematician, she shared developing ideas with the pioneers of quantum physics.

Notes for Aberdeen Workshop on Grete
Grete Hermann Aberdeen Workshop account
Philosophical Background of Grete Hermann’s Work


SFCP Chichester 2009 logo

In 2009 the society held a conference in Chichester, addressing the topic of “Living Together in our Modern World”.

Click here to download the society’s report of the event.

Photo of Participants from SFCP, PPA and GSP at 6th International Conference

Participants from SFCP, PPA and GSP at 6th International Conference

Some of the papers presented at the conference can be downloaded here.

Philosophy through practical activity, by John Halliday

The ethics of xenotransplantation, by Beate Littig

Teaching in business, by Beate Littig

Authority, faith and the limits of dialogue, by Richard Norman

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