Tamsyn Imison Award winners, August 2019

Awards were presented to the three winners of the SFCP essay competition at the Socratic Dialogues and international conference in Springe, Germany on 3rd August 2019.

The essays, covering topics relating to the role of consensus and experience in Socratic Dialogue, will be available on the website shortly.

Tamsyn Imison Award prize winners, with Michael Imison and SFCP Trustees; from right to left: Michael Imison (Tamsyn’s husband); Dimitar Elchinov (Mitko) (2nd prize); Cedric Isbrandt (1st prize); Johannes Bahn (3rd prize); Sarah Banks (Trustee); Dorothy Moir (Trustee)

A Tribute to Grete Hermann

Read “A Tribute to Grete Hermann” by Pat Shipley and Fernando Leal, featuring Léna Soler’s paper “The Contributions of Grete Henry-Hermann to the Philosophy of Physics”

Rene's Tree of Life

Annotation and order form of “Rene’s Tree of Life”, the autobiography of Dr. Rene Branton-Saran, an Honorary Fellow of the SFCP


In a series of short videoclips, Dr. Rene Branton-Saran, an Honorary Fellow, recounts important moments from her life, from the history of the SFCP, and makes a succinct presentation of Socratic Dialogue. 

The new facilitators 

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