Celebrating Rene Saran's 100th Birthday | 15th June 2021

Rene Saran achieved a momentous milestone this year and BELMAS welcomed members of the Society for the Furtherance of Critical Philosophy (SFCP) for a joint celebration of Rene’s birthday on 15th June 2021. 

Here's the video organised by BELMAS.

Dr Rene Saran turns 100

Dr Rene Saran – Chair and Secretary of SFCP for many years, currently Honorary Member 

will celebrate her 100th birthday on 15 June 2021!


A Tribute to Grete Hermann

Read “A Tribute to Grete Hermann” by Pat Shipley and Fernando Leal, featuring Léna Soler’s paper “The Contributions of Grete Henry-Hermann to the Philosophy of Physics”

Rene's Tree of Life

Annotation and order form of “Rene’s Tree of Life”, the autobiography of Dr. Rene Branton-Saran, an Honorary Fellow of the SFCP


In a series of short videoclips, Dr. Rene Branton-Saran, an Honorary Fellow, recounts important moments from her life, from the history of the SFCP, and makes a succinct presentation of Socratic Dialogue. 

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