Society for the Furtherance of Critical Philosophy

Philosophy and Politics Conference to celebrate the centenary of PPA – August 2022

Philosophical-Political Academy (PPA) and Society for the Furtherance of Critical Philosophy (SFCP) 19 August to Sunday, 21 August 2022, Springe near Hannover.

This conference is organised jointly by PPA and SFCP, so there will be talks in both German and English, although mainly in German but there will be some workshops in English. The full programme is here.

Celebrating 100 years, the history of the movement will be illustrated and discussed in relation to how Nelson’s social policy applies today. The Workshops in English, entitled Varieties of Dialogue, will examine the markets for dialogue as well as the different methods, for example the ‘Forest Tradition’. These will be led by Prof Dr Sarah Banks, and Dr Julie-Marie ffrench Devitt. 

Mathematical Socratic Dialogue in Finland May 2022

Finnish Philosophical Practice Network and Society for the Furtherance of Critical Philosophy held a Mathematical Socratic Dialogue in Helsinki May 2022. Here is the report written up by Anu Virtanen.

Pat Shipley

Pat Shipley, a friend and Trustee of SFCP, died in July 2021. Dorothy Moir, a current Trustee and friend of Pats, writes this tribute to Pat.

Celebrating Rene Rene Saran’s 100th Birthday June 2021

On 15th 2021 June Rene Saran achieved a momentous milestone of 100 years on this earth. Dr Rene Saran was Chair and Secretary of SFCP for many years and is currently an Honorary Member. BELMAS welcomed members of the Society for the Furtherance of Critical Philosophy (SFCP) for a joint celebration of Rene’s birthday. Here’s the video organised by BELMAS. 

Her autobiographical book, ‘Rene’s Tree of Life’, covers a period spanning much of the twentieth century illuminating aspects of European history and politics. The chapters cover the author’s life, first as a child, growing up in the pre-Nazi period in Germany, then by emigration from Germany via Denmark to Britain, in the autumn of 1933, when Rene arrived in Harwich from Esbjaerg. The author soon acquired British nationality and has lived here since 1933 for over 80 years.

Group of Socratic Dialogue facilitators who trained in the UK, 2019. UK facilitators