The Society for the Furtherance of Critical Philosophy aims to promote independent critical thinking in the transformative Socratic tradition. SFCP has an international outlook and engages with others in dialogue and activities about ethical issues and the challenges of personal and public life.

Dame Tamsyn Imison
(1937 – 2017)

I was chair of governors of Hampstead School when Tamsyn Imison was appointed headteacher in 1984. I learned only after the interview and the decision that Tamsyn’s 17-year old son had died in the previous week. This illustrated how Tamsyn could act rationally even in stressful situations.

Over time a professional and personal relationship developed between us. In 1994 the three existing Trustees of SFCP were Pat Shipley, Morva Fordham and myself. In due course Tamsyn was appointed a Trustee of SFCP and Socratic Dialogue soon became a regular event for schools’s council students.

After retirement in 2000, Tamsyn organised several SDs in her home in Suffolk.

I personally, and we all, will miss her special contribution to our common work.

Dr. Rene Branton-Saran

SFCP was founded in 1940 and aims to promote the practice of critical philosophy through the linked activities of education and scholarship, and through training in and application of Socratic Dialogue. SFCP creates opportunities to discuss such questions as: What is the role of civil society in a modern democracy, and of individuals in the modern state? How can we build a common identity in today’s fragmented societies? How might dialogue be used as a tool to foster understanding both within and between nations and cultures?

2013 Facilitator Training
Facilitators receiving their certificates of participation and attendance

Trustees and Associates

Charity No. 313712

Dr. Michael Strain, Secretary
Dr. Dieter Krohn
Dorothy Moir
Dr. Julie-Marie ffrench Devitt

Honorary Fellows
Dr. Rene Branton-Saran
Prof. Fernando Leal
Dr. Patricia Shipley

Training Consultants
Kirsten Malmquist

Keith Martin

Financial Adviser
Kate Nathoo

International Socratic Groups:
Philosophical-Political Academy (PPA)
Society of Socratic Facilitators (GSP)

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