As well as running our own dialogues we are also available to help those interested in organising their own dialogue. Reports from dialogues already carried out this year will soon be on the website.

In addition to the dialogues below , we are planning a one-day dialogue during the spring term 2010, for school students at Stanbridge Earl School, Romsey, Hampshire, which will be facilitated by Kate Nathoo, with support from Dorothy Moir. We also hope to be able to plan future Socratic Dialogues to be held in Norfolk (probably early March 2010) and in Leicester. If you live in another area and would like to run a Socratic Dialogue there, do contact us and if possible we will assist you in making arrangements for a facilitator.

No one should be prevented from attending SFCP dialogue events due to financial circumstances. For details of Grants Policy, see Enrolment Form.

To express interest or enrol for any of the events below click here or e-mail us

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