Upcoming Socratic Dialogues

2020 SDs in the UK

28th March – London  

28th – 29th March – Halesworth

12-14th June 2020, London  

15th August 2020, Southend-on-Sea

For details please contact Unathi Ndlwana at, Julie-Marie ffrench Devitt at, or Rachell Kellett at

2020 SDs in Germany

As some of you may know, there are regular Socratic Dialogues which take place in Germany.

See the programme below; for enrolment form, click here.

Programme of Socratic Dialogues in Germany for 2020

Please note that…

…as well as running our own dialogues, we are also available to help those interested in organising dialogues of their own.

Financial support may be available for those who might be prevented from attending SFCP dialogue events because of financial circumstances. For details, see our Small Grants for Events Policy.


For further information please contact Dr. Julie-Marie ffrench Devitt (