Socratic Dialogues with the Royal College of Physicians

The Senior Policy and Training adviser from the Joint Royal College of Physicians (RCP) Training Board, Dr Miriam Armstrong attended a Socratic Dialogue Workshop in London during the summer of 2017. She was particularly interested in the Medical Board Members from RCP exploring the concept further at one of their training workshops. In order to discuss in greater depth, Mike Cook and Julie-Marie ffrench Devitt travelled to London later that year to meet with the Board Members from across the UK in order to present a formal overview of the Socratic Dialogue process.

As a result of that meeting a Socratic Dialogue was held with the Royal College of Physicians at their Headquarters in Regent’s Park, London in December 2017. The topic of the dialogue was:

‘What makes a good medical student?’

The SD was particularly well evaluated by all who attended and received a rating of 5/5 with many positive comments about the usefulness of the process. As a result another dialogue was held in October 2018:

‘What is reflective practice in Medicine?’

The Board are preparing a formal evaluation of the process in conjunction with The East of England Deanery and further Socratic Dialogues are being planned.


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Besides Socratic Dialogues, the Society also organises Colloquiums and International Conferences in cooperation with its international affilates. Here you can find more information about these activities.

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