Limits - Borders – Boundaries: Philosophical, Political and Cultural aspects


Mineke Schipper: Breasts, Bellies, Borders: Male Fear of Female Power

Mineke Schipper, Dutch author of non-fiction and fiction is best known for her scholarly work on comparative literature mythologies and intercultural studies was Professor of Intercultural Literary Studies at the University of Leiden and holds professorships in Nigeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Burkino Faso and China.

She studied French and Philosophy at Amsterdam Free University and Literary Theory, followed by Comparative Literary Studies at the University of Utrecht and dedicated herself to developing the field of intercultural literary studies. In 1988 became the first Professor of Intercultural Literary Studies in the Netherlands at the Free University of Amsterdam and at Leiden University from 1993, played a dynamic role in building intercultural bridges on comparative literature in a global context.
 She has been regularly invited by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) to collaborate on projects about epics and creation myths.

Mineke Schipper has a Royal Order of Knighthood (Officier in de Orde van Oranje-Nassau) for building intercultural bridges, nationally and internationally.

Gunnar Skirbekk: Without boundaries no modernity

Gunnar Skirbekk studied at the University of Oslo, in Paris and in Tübingen from He was later a researchassistant for Herbert Marcuse and Avrum Stroll at the University of California, San Diego at UCSD where he also did research. He wasawarded his Dr Philos at the University of Bergen where he laterbecame professor in the philosophy of sciences and  humanities

He was also Director ofthe Center for the Study of the Sciences and the Humanities at various times.

He has been a member ofthe editorial board of ‘Praxis International’ and other Social Science Studiesjournals and has held other posts including membership of the OverseasCorrespondence Board of Chinese Social Sciences Quarterly and membership of theboard of the Norwegian Research Council governmental commission for the freedomof expression, Norwegian coordinator of “Marco Polo”, a program of comparativestudies of cultural modernization in Europe and East Asia. He has held academicposts at the University of Nice, the Freie Universität,Berlin and was Advisory professor at East China Normal Universityand Fellow (Kurator) at the Hans-Jonas-Zentrum in Berlin from 1998. He was awarded the TheLauritz Meltzer Award for most outstanding research at the University of Bergenin the period 1990-1996.

He is a member of the Norwegian Academyof Science and Letters and the Royal NorwegianSociety of Sciences and Letters.

Ger Groot: Are borders really necessary?

Ger Groot (b. 1954) is Associate Professor of Philosophical Anthropology at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, known for his lucid contributions to public debate and his astute reviews of recent philosophical and literary works. A ground-breaking author, he convincingly links philosophy with current events. His previous books include Plato in the Photoshop Era, Four Uneasy Philosophers and Religion without God.

Dieter Birnbacher: Limits of Medicine

Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Dieter Birnbacher is a philosophy professor at the Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf and a leading expert on ethics and practical philosophy in Germany. Moreover, he was one of the initiators for establishing Practical Philosophy/Ethics in the curriculum for schools in North Rhine-Westfalia.

Mykola Bunyk: Der Grenzkonflict zwischen der Ukraine und Russland

Mykola Bunyk is an associateprofessor of political science and philosophy at the L’viv RegionalInstitute of Public Administration, part of the National Academy of PublicAdministration under the President of Ukraine. He received his Ph.D. inpolitical science from the I. Franko L’viv National University. He haspublished several peer-reviewed journal articles and a textbook. He was apost-graduate fellow at European University Viadrina, and a research fellow atKarl Franzens University of Graz, Vienna University, and at theSaxony Institute of Public Administration. He is co-president of the biannualmeetings of the Lviv Mises Conference. He is a native speaker of Ukrainian andfluent in English, German, and Russian. Mykola is also a sculptor and a memberof several non-government organizations advancing liberty and free enterprise. 

Reinhard Schlegel: "BIG Data, Deep Learning" - mind the gap to what might be intelligence

Reinhard Schlegel currently works at the Computer Science, Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University, Loerrach, Germany. Reinhard does research in Statistics, Probability Theory and Electronic Engineering. His most recent publication is ‘Reliability Analysis in Bayesian Nets’.

Adam Wolf: Limits, Borders, Boundaries – only in our minds? The reality of exodus and refugees in the Mediterranean

Bruno Adam Wolf has worked in Barcelona, Florida,Bogota, Bangkok, Kampala, Sarajevo, Innsbruck, New Orleans and Guatemala.He describes himself as a bad student, mediocre cultural educator.

Hewas a journalist and agency photographer in crisis areas for 17 years. Hebecame a Linux and open source expert and  circumnavigator and Head of asection in adult education. He is now a humanist and a politician with passion.His political agenda includes flight and migration issues, new educationpolicy, IT, digitization and unconditional basic income. He campaigns onenvironmental policies and European issues as well as international relations.

Hespent several months as a captain in the Mediterranean,taking part in the search and rescue mission to help fleeing people indistress.

Adam Wolf is a member of the Regional Assembly of the Hannover Region and a Councillor inthe City of Hannover Council.