Video section

These short video clips were taken on 16 June 2016 by Angella Hodgson and feature Dr. Rene Saran’s memories related to SFCP. Rene was 95 years old when she was interviewed. (Annotations by Dieter Krohn)

Annotation: Minna Specht (1879-1961), Chair of Nelsonian organisations in Germany, Head of the Nelsonian school in Germany, Denmark and the UK, one of the three founders of SFCP.

Annotation: A little addition to Rene´s memory: Minna Specht´s school in Wales only started in 1938. Until then Rene had attended Dora Russell`s Beacon Hill School and, with the help of the Chance family, St Swithuns, Winchester.

Leonard Nelson and The Walkemühle School

Annotation: René Bertholet (1907-1969), was trained in the Walkemühle, active in the resistance against the Nazis. Julie Pohlmann, one of the first members of the Nelsonian movement, teacher for the children at the Walkemühle.

Annotation: Barbara Wootton (1897-1988), Sociologist, Life Peer (Baroness Wootton of Abinger). Rita Hinden (1909-1971), Editor of Socialist Commentary, Secretary of the Fabian Colonial Bureau.

Annotation: The book that Rene mentions: Leonard Nelson, Socratic Method and Critical Philosophy, New Haven, Yale University Press 1949.

Annotation: Dame Tamsyn Imison (1937-2017), Head of Hampstead School between 1984 and 2000.